Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tryin to Make a Livin && Doing the Best That I Can

So, my best friend since i was 8 && roommate since... August, Ellen, got a blog ( check it out, it's good)  in order to respond to someone's (unintelligent) blog. I got a blog so I could follow hers. I just really like (to stalk) Ellen.

Honestly, there is nothing excruciatingly exciting happening in my life currently- which is actually so untrue. I'm just so used to all this amazing-ness in my life that it doesn't even faze me. God, i am spoiled!

School is fantastic. I have made many right decisions before, but coming to the U of Alabama was truly the best decision of my life. I love my classes, my friends, my sorority, Alpha Phi. I love this town, it's traditions, it's football! My parents work extremely hard for me to be here and for that, I am extremely grateful. The most important goal in my life is to become rich so I can one day pay my parents back the thousands of dollars they have sacrificed for me. And to buy my sister, Cami, a Range Rover.

The only hard part about living here is not seeing certain people. There is this girl, and literally, the day I was born, June 13th of 1990, was they day I met her. There is this dude, I've known him since I was a youngin', he left, he came back, and I spent the majority of high school in his car complaining about life. There is this kid, I met him a little over two & a half years ago & he is the most important person in the entire world. These people are Anna Campbell (in Auburn), Drew Kirkland (also in Auburn) & Brody Austin Smith (my nephew, in Kennesaw with his amazing parents).

Well, I was not kidding when I said I really had no reason to start this, but I figured I would. Maybe no one will read it and it can be a real secret journal. 
Maybe not...

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love && Rock

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  1. If I get a vote, I would like for you to blow this thing up until you become an internation blogging phenom.
    And I can get my Range Rover.