Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gotta Let Your Soul Shine

I LOVE eBay. Awesome chucks for $20. Practically brand new && currently on my feet.

Despite my "hippie-ness" i have many "classic southern preppy girl" qualities. One of those would be that I am in a sorority, Alpha Phi.

&& this Thursday is an exciting day because my sister && momma are coming to TTown for Alpha Phi Initiation! Not only am I getting initiated but so are the Kathy & Cami, as alumni initiates! 
Just to explain Alpha Phi a little bit... The Beta Mu chapter was at Alabama years ago but in the 60s'/70s' many greek organizations were shut down due to lack of interest, including Beta Mu at Bama. But in 2008, Alpha Phi, Beta Mu chapter, reopened & here I am!

one of my best friends, Kellie, is my Big Sis & an Alpha Phi, but she is not coming back to Bama next year. :( Something that is really cool? She plans to graduate from Georgia Tech who also installed their first Alpha Phi chapter this year! So she will be a Bama & Georgia Phi! :)
"Gotta let your soul shine, it's better than sunshine, it's better than moonshine, damn sure better than rain..."
--the Allman Brothers

Peace, Love && AOE 
(we don't know what that means yet..)