Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Someone told me there's a Girl out there, with Love in her eyes && Flowers in her hair

Hasta freakin Luego, Tuscaloosa!

my freshman year at the University of Alabama is coming to a close & i could not be happier. Now, please do not think i do not love 'Bama, because i do. probably more than you ever could imagine. however; i am DONE. i've kicked ass in my classes all semester and have very little to show for it (while my friends earn the same or better grades than i do and spent the majority of the semester hung-over with me by their side).
I've gotten a small taste of the summertime so far and i cannot resist. Granted, i will be working every single day over the summer and will most likely not be able to enjoy myself as i should. Luckily, the sunshine automatically makes me happy, so that is convenient.
A few friends of mine (actually, people i was kinda-sorta friends with in high school but best friends with now who don't go to college with me) and i have decided we are taking a trip this summer to California. If you know nothing about me then you would not know that i intend to move and live there within the next couple years of my life. You're not invited, i am so very sorry. But Cali's been more on my mind than usual this past semester and even more these past couple of weeks....

One thing that is very hard about leaving Tuscaloosa is saying goodbye to Bucket. Liz is the roommate of my good friend Kellie and has truly become one my best friends and is the best person i have ever known. It is going to be very weird without her sleeping in my room, staying up and watching cold case till five and being nerds together. We have gotten into one fight, had no idea what it was about and were back to being best friends the next day without a second guess. She left for home in Little Rock, Arkansas today and i am quite sad. Luckily(?), we are both living in our sorority houses next year (Alpha Phi for me and Zeta for her) which pretty much back up to one another. Meaning? we'll be in the back yard at all times.
She's coming to visit me (and her lame/famous boyfriend, Michael Strickland) often, is invited to California and (should be) expecting me to show up unannounced any time after June 17th. I've met a ton of people this year, but the one who will NOT be soon forgotten is good ole Bucket.
besides, we've got the bond of good music.

I'm feeling Rough, I'm feeling Raw in the Prime of my Life.

Peace, Love && Sunshine.

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  1. and let's be honest- the best thing about your summer is your sister. duh.